Performance Analytics Service - Jandy

Jandy Engine is performance analysis service on Web.
This service analyzes your application performance and provide overview and history of the them
for open-source developer using at Github.

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To integrate with Github and Travis-CI
Automatically performance analysis
Support for ruby, python, java and another languages
Efficient, Intuitive and Intelligent data visualization

Integrates with Github and Travis-CI

  • can insert the badge which represented application performance comparison
  • provides the RESTful API and the OAuth provider
  • is made by open source and access of public

Automatically analyze performance and tunning key point with improvement for application when commit to repository

  • offers a variety of report(E-Mail, Twitter, Badge, ...)
  • can decide a report type
  • provide a report that consider for a specific language

Will be supported to ruby, python, javascript(node.js, or phantom.js), java, and another languages

  • automatically changes which in nature of languages

Shows the result to analyzing performance improvement within each functions at runtime